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    Steps from the beach of Icapui, Ceara.

    The coastal area east of the river Jaguaribe was inhabited by Potyguara, before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 17th century.

    This ancient village, so well protected by coastal vegetation, became an urban centre from the second half of the 20th century, due to various political, economic and demographic processes.

    Considered one of the best cities for the practice of Kite surfing, a sport popular in the city, mostly on the beach of Tremembé

    The municipality is included in the geographical area of coverage of the Brazilian semi-arid climate, defined by the Ministry of national integration in 2005. This delimitation has as its criteria the rainfall, the index of aridity and drought risk.

    The main cultural events are:

    Cultural week (event held in the week of 18 to 22 days of January, encompassing the city's birthday party),
    Popular Carnival (February or March),
    Holy Week,
    Feast of our Lady (May),
    Gang show (June),
    Interstate Festival Gangs (4 to 12 July),
    August of Lobster (August),

    Feast of our Lady of Soledad (week of September 22),

    Latin American youth camp (event held every two years, always in the month of July),
    New year (December).

    Icapuí is municipality in the East of Ceara coast, at 200 km from Fortaleza, with access by CE 040, BR 304 and EC 261.
    The municipality, which borders the State of Rio Grande do Norte, and has approximately 18000 inhabitants, has in its main economic activity.

    About 89% of the families in the municipality are involved with fishing activity, and of this amount approximately 83% work in the productive chain of the lobster.

    The tourist vocation of Icapuí reveals itself in its variety of natural landscapes, culture and history. The various coastal settings suggest distinct forms of exploitation, as well as environmental protection and recovery. The life of the people connected to the artisanal fisheries, enchants for preserving the essential aspects of their culture.

    Member of the Forum of Tourism of the eastern seaboard, Icapuí seeks to establish itself as a tourist destination, offering its historical and cultural attractions associated with its 65 km of beaches of various hues, with native dunes, cliffs and sand monazítica.

    The municipality offers a variety of lodging options, from the simplest, sharing space in houses of fishermen to accommodations that include comfort and convenience items such as TV, hot shower and air conditioning.

    Among the beaches Round stands out. Far 18 kilometers from the seat of the municipality, the beach is in a Cove protected by the end of the round, a rock seawall that dots across the sea in front of you. The coastline of Icapuí is formed by beaches with calm waters, with little waves, ideal for bathing. On the beach of Ponta Grossa is there a fishing community of Dutch descendants. On the beach there's a Tremembés anchorage for fishing vessels to Icapuí. The visual is formed by a large and dense coqueiral, having the background the Serra dos Cajuais. A striking backdrop.

    Praia da Ponta Grossa-community where the majority of natives are descendants of Dutch, different landscapes. Cliffs with exotic training and with colors ranging from red to Orange closed the wild landscapes with local climate of magic. When the low tide exposes a source of fresh water on the beach, which the natives call 'Scout' (fresh water).

    How To Get There

    By car:

    Starting from Fortress it is possible to go to Icapuí by CE-040 until the city of Aracati and then take the BR-304 to the EC 261 (known as triangle)-which gives direct access to Icapuí.
    You can also, through the BR-116, go to the Chocolate and take the Boqueirão BR-304, go through Aracati and enter the access to Icapuí-EC-261.

    By bus:

    The company São Benedito has a daily line leaving the 6:00 Bus Terminal Sao Tome in Fortaleza. Another option is to take bus to Aracati and, from there, take the topic to Icapuí.
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    • Property Type: Land Divisions (Housing)
    • Land area: 1.62 ha
    • Energy Rating: Exempt
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